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    Now, that story I promised you. Once upon a time, I went to an art show....

    Usually at an art show we bring our little camper and stay somewhere remote and secluded so I can unwind after the show. Those places usually just have a camping spot with no running water. No shower.

    We were setting up at the art show and it was horrifically hot. Over 80 degrees, for sure. After set-up we got back to our little camper. This time we were camped on a cliff by a babbling trout stream. So I headed down.

    I waded out to the middle of the stream. It ended up being only two inches deep. Not even deep enough to cover my feet (I have high insteps). I almost cried. I bent down and touched that little trickle of cold, refreshing elixir. Next thing you know, I threw off all of my clothes, squatted down and splashed like a baby bird in a bird bath. I might have even chirped.

    I didn't notice there was a bridge until a car drove over it.

    Come on, people. If you haven't seen a naked, old lady chirping in a trout stream by now, it's time you did.

    Skinny dip