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    I am in love with druse these days (also spelled like "druzy").

    Druse is a coating of fine crystals on a rock surface. The rock can be anything, like quartz or citrine, or garnet.

    Here is a recent piece I made with druse:

    The druse in the stone above is completely natural. There has been a movement of late to treat some druse stones with titanium to enhance the sparkle. Here is one that has been treated. If you saw this one in person you would see just how brightly it sparkles.

    Druse necklace

    I picked up both of these stones on my recent trip to Tucson.

    Sometimes druse is found in just a pocket of the stone as in this Brazilian Agate Druse. It makes for a really interesting design option.

    Below is a piece I made that has a little druse pocket in the bottom stone - can you see it? It's inside that little white pool. The stone is called "rainforest jasper". When the sun hits it, that little pocket sparkles.

    I came across some black druse in Tucson that mesmerized me. I met the guy who invented a way to treat the crystals to turn them into the most luminous and sparkly black you've ever seen. It was fascinating to talk with him and to touch these beauties. 

    You know I love sparkly things, so druse kept drawing my attention at the shows. I didn't buy a lot of it, but enough to make some really special pieces.