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    When I complete a pendant, I choose the chain or cord that I think best compliments the piece.

    You have the option of changing the chain if you like. The chain is included in the price of my pendants. So if you choose something different, we'll adjust the price.

    Here are the chains I carry and their prices.

    NOTE: If you just want a chain without a pendant, you need to contact me so that I can make a checkout listing for you.

    Sterling Silver 2.5mm Round Omega Chain

    This chain is rich and substantial with solid sterling silver. It retains its round shape when it's around your neck.

    These are $100.

    Omega chain

    Sterling Silver 2mm Adjustable Snake Chain

    These chains are super clever. The two sterling silver balls have little silicone beads inside to catch the chain at any position. You can wear it from 26 inches all the way down to 12 or 14 inches if you have a tiny neck! If you wear it short, the chain end dangles down your back, which is really pretty, too.

    I tell people, "It's the only chain you will ever need."

    These are $75.

    Adjustable snake chain

    Sterling Silver Mesh

    Elegant, but you need to take care with it. It will kink if not stored properly.

    These are $75.

    Mesh chain

    Stainless Steel 3.2mm Mesh Chain

    Similar look to the Sterling mesh, but no need to be careful with it. They also will never tarnish.

    These are $25

    Stainless mesh chain

    Contemporary Natural Rubber with Sterling End Clasps (3mm and 4mm)

    This is my personal favorite. They are clean, contemporary, and can be dressed up or down. It's the preferred choice for anyone who doesn't like metal of any sort on their neck.

    I have 3mm and 4mm sizes. These days I like the 4mm best for my larger pieces.

    These are made in Germany and are NOT those cheap ones you see random vendors selling. The ends are solid sterling silver.

    These are $25

    Rubber cord

    Sterling Silver 1.2mm Snake Chain

    Lightweight, delicate chain for smaller pendants.

    They are $25.

     Snake chain