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    Sharee Johnson

    Do you remember the time you sat on a dock watching the mist rise from the early morning water? 

    You heard the haunting cry of a loon and felt a tiny shiver. It touched a place deep inside you that's wild. The place where you feel most centered and strong. Wearing my jewelry will take you back to that feeling because it was made here, by me, in my little studio in the woods.

    I live in the far north woods of Minnesota. It's quiet here, and I'm patient; so I wait for the stones to talk to me. Once they do, I use traditional silversmith techniques to bring their story to life.

    Each one of my pieces is a little burst of color, shape, and texture.

    I took the road less traveled to arrive at jewelry making. I started out with a degree in Computer Science and spent many years working in that field. After my husband and I married, we dropped our careers and headed to the far north woods – the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We reinvented our lives with this place as home base.


    I knew I wanted to work with stones, to draw out their personalities and tell their stories. So I traveled to New Mexico to study under a master silversmith and lapidary artist.

    Now through fire, metal, and stone, I'm a story-teller.

    Labradorite bracelet

    When you sit still and listen, you'll hear the story, too.

    Go ahead. Touch the wild.