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    Sharee Johnson

    Do you remember the time you sat on a dock watching the mist rise from the early morning water? 

    You heard the haunting cry of a loon and felt a tiny shiver. You connected to that place inside where intuition and strength live.

    Wearing my jewelry takes you back to that feeling because it was made here, by me, in my little studio overlooking the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

    I've always been an artist but took a detour with computer science (long story I could tell you sometime over a glass of wine). One day I put fire to metal and was hooked. After that I studied jewelry making under a master silversmith and lapidary artist in Taos, New Mexico.

    I like to say I'm a story teller in metal and stone. I let the stones inform the design. When they're ready, they give me a little whisper and we begin.

    I made a decision early on that I would only create one-of-a-kind pieces. Once you have a piece of my jewelry, you know for sure that no one else in the world will ever have one like it. 


    Labradorite bracelet

    10 things you'd probably find out about me if we were on the dock chatting.

    1. My favorite sound is the sound duck wings make when they fly overhead.

    2. My favorite color is periwinkle. (Maybe because I like how it sounds.)

    3. I can write backwards - if we really were chatting on the dock, I'd show you.

    4. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science with an emphasis in digital electronics and interfacing from the physics department. (I know, right?)

    5. My last paycheck job was as the director of the International Wolf Center. Now I make a living as a silversmith artist.

    6. I love Madison, WI, and lived there after college for about 15 years. I still miss the restaurants and farmers' market.

    7.  I won a Wisconsin state bench press competition. (That was back in 1996. I'm still pretty strong, though.)

    8. I like using semicolons; I don't think they get used as much as they should these days.

    9. I won a dogsled race in Alaska and my name is on a plaque in Musher's Hall in Fairbanks.

    10. I prefer winter to summer most of the time.

      Sharee in winter