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    October Camping Trip in the BWCA

    BWCA campsite

    We snuck out for a quick weekend camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I brought along our new cast iron Dutch oven and made some fantastic fish chowder.

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    June Boundary Waters and Shore Lunch

    June Boundary Waters and Shore Lunch
    We like to take a little trip into the Boundary Waters every June. We tried the lottery to get an overnight motor permit up into Jackfish, but we didn't get one. Instead, we're headed to Snowbank. Because we don't have to portage, we're taking the big boat.

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    Poppyseed Cake Recipe

    Poppyseed cake

    Be careful if you have to take a drug test. This cake will light up that test for a good week.

    No dainty sprinkling of seeds here - this cake is dense with poppyseeds that have been allowed to swell in hot milk.

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    How to make Lefse

    Making Lefse

    My friend, Nikki, invited me over to spend the day making lefse. Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flat bread made with flour, potato, and cream.

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